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About Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is India’s first and finest park spread over 520 sq kms along the banks of the Ramganga, Kosi and Sonanadi River. This piece of beauty in the foothills of the Himalayas was established initially as Hailey National Park on August 8, 1936, in honors of Sir Malcolm Hailey, then governor of the United Provinces. In 1957, it was finally named Corbett National Park in honour and memory of the late Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter, naturalist-turned-author and photographer who had helped in setting up the park and demarcating its boundaries. Corbett is regarded as one of the true and best bird parks of the world. Out of the 2,060 species and subspecies of birds recorded in the Indian subcontinent, over 600 species/subspecies of birds have been seen in this park at some or the other time.
This number is greater than the total number of bird species found in Europe and represents around one fourth of the available diversity found in India. Out of the 69 species of raptors found in India, 49 can be seen in Corbett making it a striking element of the local avifauna. The reserve, which covers 520 sq kms is not less than a paradise for bird-watchers.
It is quiet, relaxing and haunting – qualities that make it a perfect safari spot for everyone in need of a rejuvenating vacation.

Facts about Corbett National Park

Area: 1318.54 sq. km- 520.13 sq. km is core and 797.72 sq. km is buffer forest.
Coordinates: 29°32′55″N and 78°56′7″E
Weekly Off: None
Yearly Off: Holi, Diwali
Functional Days: From 15th November to 15th June (Jhirna Zone is open round the year)
Rainfall: From 1400-2800mm
Forest Type: Moist Deciduous Forest

Key Species of Corbett National Park

Corbett Tigress Cub


Corett Bird - Eagle


Kaziranga national park Ghariyal


Safari Zones of Corbett National Park

Every park is divided into 3 kinds of zones: Core, Buffer and Reserved. Core zone is the protected area of the jungle. It acts as a referral point on the natural state of the ecosystems represented by the biosphere reserves. Wildlife and natural resources are strictly protected by the forest department. Buffer zone is where animals and a percentage of human life co-exist peacefully. Lastly, reserved forest acts as a virtual boundary for the forest. That being said, animals don’t know what a “zone” is. They roam around freely in the entire forest for it is their home. Corbett has 4 core zones, namely, Dhikala, Jhirna, Bhijrani and Durga Devi Zone. Dhikala is one of the most favored zones with the thrill of doing safaris in the best zone and the aesthetic of living in one of the oldest Forest Rest Houses in the country. It is basic but so true to its authentically rich nature driven creative.
Corbett Elephant Herd
Corbett Tigress
Corbett Elephant Family

Reaching Corbett National Park

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The closest Railhead to Corbett National Park is Ramnagar at a mere distance of 15 kms. After reaching Ramnagar, one can drive to the Park.
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The closest air head to Corbett is Dehradun, which is 243 kms from the park. Dehradun is connected with major cities like New Delhi.
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Corbett is connected to major cities by road like Agra and New Delhi.
New Delhi: 230 kms, 06 hours by road.
Agra: 300 kms, 08 hours by road.

Weather and Clothing

Temperature Chart for Corbett national park
❯ DO NOT carry shiny/bright colored clothing. Instead, carry earthy colors like shades of dull green or olive green, beige, and grey. Black is also avoidable as it attracts mosquitos.
❯ Carry comfortable, breathable clothes (cotton) in summer.
❯ Carry layers (4-5) of thin woolen clothes rather than one heavy jacket for winter. Layers are a lot more helpful through the varying temperatures during the day.
❯ Carry a wind cheater/rain coat just in case there is a light shower.
❯ Carry a Cap/Hat during summer.
❯ Avoid wearing strong perfume while on safari. Animals have a strong sense of smell and it may distract them.

Tiger Safari India

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to visit Corbett National Park, pick a time between the months of November and February.

It is during these colder months when the park truly comes to life. All of the zones are open to public viewing, which offers ample opportunity to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger and other rare species of avifauna that is native to the land. Book a trip now with Tiger Safari India, and experience a full-fledged safari tour at Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park is a national treasure of India. It was established in 1936, making it the oldest of the many national parks in the country.

The park is also famous for being the first to implement conservation efforts; especially Project Tiger.

Today the park is home to one of the largest bird sanctuaries and houses the most number of tiger species. Book a trip now with Tiger Safari India, and experience a full-fledged safari tour.

Many National Parks in India offer lodging setups that are fairly close to the park’s explorable zones, but none of them do it quite like Jim Corbett Park. Jim Corbett National Park has lodging setups right in the heart of its many explorable zones. Giving adventure seekers the jungle experience of a lifetime.
While planning a trip to Jim Corbett National Park, be certain how many zones you are keen on visiting. Each zone in the park offers a unique safari experience, and can completely change your time spent at the park. Both tourists and locals would agree that the Bijrani safari zone, Dhikala Safari Zone and Dhela Safari Zone are the best picks to ensure you get the most immersive possible safari tour.

Jim Corbett National Park is spread across 201 sq. miles of lush evergreen forests and houses some of the world’s most unique avi-fauna, aquatic and plant life.

Owing to this sheer size, the most complete exploration of the park can be achieved within a week. Make sure you pack accordingly and book a reasonable lodging space. For more information on how to get started with Jim Corbett National Park tiger safari, reach out to Tiger Safari India.

You can book a jeep safari in any one of the park’s 5 zones. Jim Corbett National Park offers a very immersive and wondrous jeep safari tour that will take you across its incredibly lush and diverse landscape. You can go solo or as a couple in an open top jeep, or opt for a canter when in larger groups of travelers.
As of today, Jim Corbett National Park is home to India’s largest tiger population. Thanks to content conservation efforts, the park has recorded an estimated 14 tigers per 63 miles. The park is undoubtedly considered a top pick amongst avid travelers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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