Full of talking animals and amazing adventures, tropical rainforests have long attracted moviegoers. As the world still tries to recover from The Jungle Book madness, let’s take a trip into some of the best forest adventure movies of this generation and previous ones!

The best six forest  adventure based movies on our list are

King Kong ( 1933 )

Welcome to the cinematic forest’s favorite occupant! Everyone remembers the spine-chilling roar that introduced King Kong to the audience from behind the trees. The giant ape who grows a heart amazed people in the thirties, and he continues to do so till date.

The Jungle Book ( 1967 )

This is possibly the best-loved version of Rudyard Kipling’s story about a boy-cub growing up in the jungle with a snake, a bear, and the untimely Shere Khan to keep him company. Indian forests were superbly recreated here, with beautiful vines and ripe fruit all over the canvas. Did you know this was the last movie Walt Disney oversaw?

Jurassic Park ( 1992 )

“An adventure 65 million years in the making.” What can we say? The blockbuster grossed over $900 million worldwide. The fun trip in the dinosaur theme park that went wrong had everyone hooked. Though Michael Crichton had created an amazing range of ‘monsters’, the crux of the movie was placing the modern man in a prehistoric era, and seeing what he makes of it.

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The Beach ( 2000 )

Okay, this movie has not been put on this list only because of DiCaprio! The ‘parallel universe’ this movie promotes ( filmed in the Thai island Ko Phi Phi ) is similar to what we think of the pure forest scene, untainted by civilization, and with its natural pattern of life. It is not always happy, but it exists. Though everyone praised the magnificent cinematography, we think all nature is magically photogenic!

Winnie the Pooh ( 2011 )

Who can resist this adorable bear searching for honey in a friendly forest? The 2011 movie had him bumbling through a series of adventures in search of his friend Eeyore’s tail. It is a sweet representation of wildlife among pretty woodlands, and everyone wants to run off to forests looking for their adventures after watching this.

The Revenant ( 2016 )

A desperate man in search of revenge is the avatar in which DiCaprio returns to this list. Leaving the plot wholly aside, the movie has some absolutely mesmerizing wildlife and nature moments. The film was shot in natural lighting, so that explains the kind of beauty nature always has in provision for us.The movie does not share Winnie’s vision of nature, but what ultimately matters is survival. We have man competing and combining with elemental forces of nature to emerge victorious.

Note: The best forest adventure one can get is by actually visiting a forest and experiencing wildlife and nature at its best.

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