Being the largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh, it is no surprise that Kanha Tiger Reserve has tons of exciting things to see and take part in. While the safari tour is on its own a rather unforgettable experience, fully experiencing the wonders in and around Kanha will take you a good week to complete.

From wondrous vistas to explore to history lessons to get immersed in, the hotspots you visit during your Kanha tour will have your photo gallery overflowing! Here are our picks of 11 amazing places to visit near the Kanha National Park.

Opt-in for a Jeep Tiger Safari

Wear your finest jungle attire and hop aboard the trusty vehicle! Kanha Jeep safaris are operated twice a day; during the wee hours of sunrise and later evenings. The safari takes you across a predetermined route into the depths of the national reserve.

Jeep Safari at Kanha

You will catch a glimpse of big cats in action, and could get lucky in spotting the famous barasingha. The game drives are meant to give you the closest possible view of the wildlife, without even disturbing their daily routine.

Visit Bandhavgarh National Park

Madhya Pradesh has 9 national parks! While you may not get the chance to explore them all in a single visit, you can explore Kanha along with its neighbor – Bandhavgarh National Park for tiger safari. Like Kanha, this park is regarded as one of the finest in India for its versatility in wildlife and activities. Bandhargarh’s mythological connections also make it quite a fun storytelling adventure trail for young families.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Shop for Trinkets at the Local Mart

Local mart at Kanha

Any tour is incomplete without taking home mementos from your visit. And if you are keen on shopping for Kanha’s finest, the local mart is the place to be.

At the mart, you can find classic handicrafts, clothing for safaris, and even take home little trinkets that summarize just how much of an incredible place Kanha is.

Explore the Kanha Museum

Along with the visual treat of the National Park, it’s always a good idea to gain an insight into the places you are going to visit. One such location to do so is the Kanha Museum.

Kanha Museum - Tales of Ancient Times

The museum beautifully captures the essence of Kanha, telling you tales of ancient times along the way. It’s also the closest you can get to the wildlife without them pouncing on you!

Witness the Beauty of the Kawardha Palace

Located just 56 miles off the National Park is one of Madhya Pradesh’s most iconic monuments – the Kawardha Palace. The palace is still owned and operated by the Royal Kawardha Family.

Kawardha Palace at Madhya Pradesh

Embezzled with intricate details and old-school architecture, it’s the sort of place youngsters need to mark on their map, so as to gain knowledge on the architectural marvels.

Spot Some Exotic Birds

Have you booked your safari tour between the months of November and May? If so, don’t forget to pack a pair of binoculars.

Bird Watching at Kanha

Kanha is teeming with avifauna – kites, storks, teals, and eagles rule the skies and make up for just a few of the 70 varying species of birds found inhabiting the landscape.

Take a Tour of Jabalpur

At the heart of Madhya Pradesh lies Jabalpur, which offers a welcome break from a pure wildlife experience. It is here where you can get some much-needed cityscape time.

Jabalpur Tour Near Kanha

Engage yourself in local cuisine and get spiritual if you feel like it with a visit to ancient temples. You can also take part in some thrill-seeking activities like water scooter rides and boating.

Get a Live History Lesson at Amarkantak

Dudh Dhara Milky Waterfalls in Amarkantak

If you enjoy waterfalls and an overall serene environment, one place to go is Amarkantak. Known for the Dudh Dhara milky waterfalls, this place offers refuge to those seeing some peaceful time while on the tour.

Temples at Amarkantak

The magnificent monuments at the locations are rich in history, and also house the area’s finest medicinal herbs.

Get the Best of Both Worlds at Mandla

If there is one example of how natural and man-made landscapes can exist in harmony it is at Mandla.

Architecture at Mandla

Blessed with towering forts, the occasional appearance of wildlife, and enveloped in lush springs of water, this location is one that simply should not be missed while on your tour.

Explore the Chilpi Range

Among the many tourist spots around Kanha, the Chilpi Range stands out for its rustic old world charm and sense of purity it exudes onto visitors.

Architectural Marvels at Chilpi Range

Blessed with some of the finest temples in the country, the Chilpi Range is a haven for the spiritual explorer. You will be enamored by the sheer scale and complexity of its architectural marvels.

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