A tiger’s roar can be heard from a mile away, but tiger tourism has certainly taken it a lot farther than that. Having taken the world by storm, wildlife tourism in India has been offering tiger tourism packages which combine spotting a tiger with various other attractions in India. Yet, since tiger sightings top the priority list, here is a list of where you are most likely to have a freewheeling view of the marvelous tiger population that India is so famous for. Whether you’re in love with tiger safaris, or just checking them out as ‘something different’ for your next vacation, this will change your itineraries in no time! There are several parks where one can sight tigers in India.

Best Places for Tiger Safari in India:

Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park:

Come for the magnificent vistas and expansive wildlife species, stay for the rich cultural and mythical significance the tour takes you through. 

Bandhavgarh is spread across the brilliantly vibrant topography of the Vindhya Hills in Madhya Pradesh. The whole setting invites both casual and extreme adventurers, and allows for unique tiger safari experiences that will last long in the memory.  

Best Known For:Adrenaline pumping expedition. Rich mythological significance. 
Ideal Time to Visit: Between April & May & between December and January.
Tourism Hotspots:Village Tala

Mahaman Pond


Climber’s Point

Bari Gufa

Three Cave Point

Raj Behera

Lodging Near the Park: Tree House Hideaway Resort

Syna Tiger Resort

Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge

Tiger Lagoon

Mogli Jungle Resorts

This is the land of the famous white tiger. White tigers do not exist here anymore. But your chances of seeing the golden ones are high here because this national park houses more than 5- majestic tigers. The closest airport is Jabalpore, and the ark is fairly easy to access. We can safely promise you that you will have a memorable first-time tiger safari here.

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Best Places for Tiger Safari in India


Tiger Safari in Kanha National Park:

Another sprawling national reserve in Madhya Pradesh, this time in the Maikal Range of Satpuras. Kanha’s setting is so beautiful and wondrous, that it inspired Rudyard Kipling to pen “The Jungle Book”. 

Kanha National Park is a prime example of how well maintained a tourism hotspot should be. And if you ask the hungreeds of tourists hoppoing in for a Tiger Safari each year, they would not stop talking about the calming, welcoming and family-friendly stays during a long vacation.  

Best Known For:Birthplace of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”.
Ideal Time to Visit: Between April and May & between November and March 
Tourism Hotspots:Kanha Museum


Kawardha Palace


Lodging Near the Park: Banjaar Tola

Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Courtyard House Kanha


Kanha is most famous for having inspired Rudyard Kipling for his amazing forest in The Jungle Book. Imagine a more exciting wildlife safari than the one Mowgli has?  Although it is already popular for being home to one of the endangered species of deer called ‘ Barasingha’. Today its one of the top visited parks known for its huge male tigers. And some legendary tigers like Munna,  Kingfisher that brought a different charm to this place.

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Best Places for Tiger Safari in India

Tiger Safari in Ranthambhore National Park:

Look through the pages of any hard-core wildlife enthusiast, and you will be sure to find excerpts of a trip to Ranthambore. Rajasthan’s most famous national reserve is amongst the most visited tourism hotspots in India. 

For those eager to experience close encounters with tigers and other wildlife, Ranthambore is the perfect pick. The wild is so well accustomed to the existence of humans, that they don’t shy away from a quick picture. 

Best Known For:Photographer’s paradise.
Ideal Time to Visit: Between April and June 
Tourism Hotspots:Sawai Madhopur

Keoladeo National Park



Lodging Near the Park: WH Mount Valley Resort

Tree House By The Pugmark

Sher Bagh

Tree Leaf Kipling Lodge

Sultan Bagh by 1589 Hotels

Wildlife photographers love this tiger zone because of its luxuriant and picturesque vistas. This tiger reserve became famous when Queen Elizabeth II visited this beautiful park. In 1973, tigers here were protected by project tiger. Today Ranthambhore safari is one of the best for a wildlife experience.

Best Places for Tiger Safari in India

Tiger Safari in Pench National Park:

Pench is one of the few parks in India that shares a border between two states – in this case, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The dainty yet lush and flourishing wildlife reserve is one that every young family should consider visiting. 

Tiger safaris at this park are plentiful, with high chances of spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger in action.  

Best Known For:Incredibly beautiful vistas. Kid-friendly infrastructure. 
Ideal Time to Visit: Between October and February
Tourism Hotspots:Bhedaghat





Lodging Near the Park: Mahua Vann Resort

Pench Jungle Camp

Tiger N Wood Resort

Tuli Tiger Corridor

In 2011, this park won the ‘Best Management Award’. It provides one of the most pleasant, well-organized and enjoyable tiger trips in India. It has the spookily-named ghost tree and is nearest to the Nagpur airport.

Tiger sightings are good and birds are also in good numbers. So other than the golden with brown stripes, you can also look forward to the crimson-breasted barbet, red-vented bulbul, and the blue kingfisher. Quite a party here!

Best Places for Tiger Safari in India

Tiger Safari in Jim Corbett National Park:

Wildlife Tourism became mainstream in India since the launch of Corbett National Park. Named after the celebrated hunter turned conservationist, the park is a key destination for both experts looking to study animals and casual wildlife enthusiasts. 

Come to Corbett Park to experience the most fulfilling tiger safari tours and stay for the sheer comfort it offers the mind, body and soul. 

Best Known For:The serene location at the Himalayan foothills. Bird watcher’s paradise. Oldest national park in India. 
Ideal Time to Visit: Between November and June
Tourism Hotspots:Gurney House, Nainital

Kosi River

Dhangarhi Museum

Kaladhungi Museum

Garjiya Temple 

Mohan Maneater Tiger Trek

Lodging Near the Park: The Corbett Park Experience

Taj Corbett Resort & Spa

Jim’s Jungle Retreat

Paatlidun Safari Lodge

Ranger Reserve Resort

Camp River Wild Resort


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This park has spectacular watchtowers in which you can spend hours after hours observing the delightful wildlife all around the park. The safari here can give you your first glimpse of the Indian tiger, the leopard, the sloth bear or the Himalayan Tahr. Moreover, this park also has the largest number of elephants! It is also known as the ‘elephant park’.Best Places for Tiger Safari in India


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