1. Three decades of tiger safari experience

Sharad Vats, a known name in the field of Indian wildlife tourism, has been the inspiration behind Tiger Safari India and its ethical values. He is not only an awarded photographer but a pioneer in online wildlife tourism since 2000. His motto, “Conservation through tourism” has been our pillar strength and with that, we have successfully managed to run the company for over two decades. Organizing countless memorable tiger safari tours in India, Tiger safari India is committed toward providing you a seamless wildlife safari experience. We know exactly what fits your requirements and suggest tours that conform with such nitty gritties. 

Call of the Wild - tiger safari in india


2. Curated tours at all major tiger safari destinations

With a well-qualified team of in-house naturalists and wildlife experts, we ensure that each of our guests is given the best service. Your requests are put at the highest pedestal, and our team ensures they do everything in their power to act on those. At Tiger Safari India, all wildlife tours are tailor-made to your liking.  While we do suggest the best boutique lodges in jungles, the best zones for tiger safaris, the best guides, and drivers to help you understand the jungle during a safari, the best time to visit a certain national park; if you wish to do something different not mentioned in our suggested itinerary, we will be more than happy to help you with that as well. 

Book a bespoke tiger safari with us.

3. Trained guides, drivers, and helpful staff

Over the years, we have been lucky to work with the best guides, gypsy drivers, naturalists, and lodges, ensuring a quality stay and safari experience for all our guests. These people mostly belong to the local community, which means they know the jungle better than anyone else. They are familiar with its jungle lore and are skilled, knowledgeable, well-trained, well-versed in English, and sensitized to provide the best possible experience following all covid-19 safety protocols. 


4. Sustainable and conservationist approach

KANHA BHOORSINGH SCHOOL: An Education Initiative by Kanha National Park

Our forest guards risk their lives every day to ensure the safety of our jungle. Their children need a strong foundation to build a better future. The forest department of Kanha National Park took up the initiative to build a school for these children and for locals in the Mukki district of Kanha National Park, paving a revolutionary path for education in rural India. Our aim has been to raise awareness about the school and its effort to surface a niche for these children, while urging funds from sources who are willing to contribute for a child’s future. Situated at the heart of Mukki zone in Kanha National Park, Kanha Bhoorsingh School is named after the renowned mascot of the national park which is a Barasingha (Swamp Deer)”. Attracting children from 10 neighboring villages, the school is known for bringing children from the Baiga tribe to study alongside children of the forest officials, with a city school education standard.


WASTE WARRIORS: A non-profit organization, Corbett National Park

Around Corbett Landscape since Oct 2013, the Waste Warrior’s Corbett team seeks to introduce a system of Solid Waste Management in an area covering over 150 villages across 100 kms, around the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), where no such system exists. So far, they have been able to reach out to 48 rural locations in Panchayat & Forest areas around the Corbett Landscape. Additionally, team conducts activities for awareness, education, clean-ups and transformations in the 37 villages located on the Eastern and Northern periphery of CTR. There ongoing efforts keeps these villages free from waste, thereby thereby protecting wildlife from harm’s way. Their vision is clean India which has systems in place to ensure that every citizen disposes of their waste correctly and feels a sense of civic responsibility and national pride regarding cleanliness. A healthier India with improved living standards and a better quality of life where waste workers are valued and respected for their work.


5. Recognized by major government bodies

We are Member of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) as a result of 2 decades of providing quality service that enhances the reputation of India and promoting India as a destination. We ensure accurate information, providing each and every disclosure, responding substantively to each guest’s queries and complaints.

We are proud members of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) as over the years we have invested our time and resources in order to support ASTA’s mission and ensure healthy and robust tourism and travel-related services.

We are also members of  Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) as we stand with their mission to improve the ecological and economic sustainability of the wildlands and wildlife across South Asia.


6. Excellent COVID and tiger safari safety protocol

  • We specialize in designing the program you want. There are no fixed group departures that we do. So you have complete choice and control over your tour. You do not share the transport or safari vehicle with anyone.
  • The drivers of all these vehicles are tested daily for any symptoms.
  • We recommend small boutique hotels for your stay, where you have minimum social contact, yet have highly personalized services.
  • The transporters and hotels whom we deal with have intensified health and hygiene protocols in ways that do not make the journey more difficult in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  • The safari vehicle is completely sanitized before and after the safari. Should you wish to see the sanitization of your safari vehicle that will be done promptly.
  • It is mandatory for the driver, guide, and guests to wear the mask during the safari.
  • Only exclusive safaris are permitted. For e.g. if it is two of you, then only you two will do a safari in one vehicle. Any guest who is not traveling with you will not be permitted to do safaris with you, thus ensuring extra social distancing in the vehicles.

7. Perfect tiger safari experience for foreign travelers

Over the past 2 decades of organizing tiger safaris for foreign nationals, we have always believed in going the extra mile to make your safari experience extraordinary. We are committed to serving you from your initial query till you take your flight back home or an onward destination. We try to understand your holiday requirements and fulfill them to the best of our expertise. We also educate our guests with factually correct information and abstain from all practices like hidden charges, misrepresentation of hotel interiors and the services provided by them, and more.

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Sharad Vats

Born and brought up in New Delhi, it was Sharad’s childhood passion to play cricket for India. While on a holiday in 1990, he saw his first tiger. Little did he know that this one sighting would immerse him into a realm where forests and tigers were all that mattered. Sharad’s experiences as a wildlife photographer have inspired him to observe the tiger’s behavior for over 30 years and motivated him on his own journey as an entrepreneur. He started Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd, with a focus on “Conservation through Tourism.” to align himself to the mission of saving the regal species and repopulating them in India’s forests. In 2006, he set up one of India’s premier jungle lodges in Kanha National Park. Sharad believes that there are many lessons to be learned from a tiger that can be applied successfully to leadership—both in business and in life. Here's a new book by Sharad Vats on management and leadership skills to learn from a Tiger. Buy now on Amazon