A Tiger Safari in India is one of the most enthralling journeys one can embark on during their lifetime. It is exhilarating irrespective of the size of your travel pack –  whether a big group, with your family, friends, as a couple or solo, a tiger safari trip to India will never disappoint.


Tiger Safaris for Solo Travelers:

Traveling solo can be a daunting experience, especially if it is to a place you’ve never toured before. Planning the best time to make the trip, accommodation, airport shuttles and guides can be quite overwhelming. But this is where our experienced team steps in. Over the last 2 decades, we have had a plethora of solo travelers from all walks of life, who have dawned on a successful tiger safari trip with us. However, since a tiger safari isn’t your average solo trip to a city, we recommend you keep a few things in mind before you commence planning.


Things to keep in mind while taking a solo tiger safari in India:


1. Always plan in advance:

Unlike a regular backpacking trip, a tiger safari needs a lot of planning. You need to finalize dates in advance (safely 6-8 months prior). This is because of limited accommodation options within and around most national parks. With limited accommodation comes limited inventory of rooms, which get booked out mostly a year in advance by serious wildlife travelers.


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Another reason why we recommend planning ahead of time are safari permits (the entry ticket for each national park).  For some jungles permits open only a month in advance while for others they open 120 days prior to safari date. There is a limit to the number of vehicles that can enter the park gate every day. So they sell out within seconds of the online portal commencing booking.


2. Map out your adventure:

When traveling solo, one must map out their adventure. Do not start off by blindly picking up a spot and then going around in circles figuring out what to do next. Instead, we recommend you pick your interests first. Then, map them out in terms of the destinations that cater to those interests. Finally, choose a tour operator who can streamline your thoughts into a comprehensive itinerary and book everything for you. 


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At tiger safari India, our bespoke tours cater to just this. Your interests are always kept at the highest pedestal while still ensuring that the trip flows like butter. Here are the top 10 tips on how to choose the best tour operators in India for your next adventure.


3. Read before you travel:

When traveling solo, it is always better to read up about the destination you’re traveling to. In India, and especially for safaris, you will be traveling to a lot of remote places closer to villages that are home to simple tribal families. Learning about their way of life and culture will only help you be more receptive to them.


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4. Pack light but pack all essentials:

This one’s a no-brainer! When traveling solo, one must pack light, preferably in a backpack that you can carry around easily, all by yourself. But packing light does not mean packing the bare minimum. You must still pack all essentials.

For a jungle, irrespective of the weather, we recommend you pack the following basics: a first aid kit, light raincoat, windcheater, water-resistant shoes, an extra pair of socks, a cap/hat, and a torch.


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Depending on the weather you choose to travel in, carry the following essentials in addition to the above:

Summers: Sunblock SPF 50++, dust cover for your neck and mouth, sunglasses, cotton shirts/t-shirts, and trousers.

Winters: A woolen cap, a neck warmer that doubles up as a nose and ear cover, gloves, multiple thin layers of warmers instead of one thick jacket, and double socks.

Make sure all clothing is in earthy tones so as to not disturb the animal’s visual senses.


5. You can choose to travel on our fixed departure tours to reduce costs:

Traveling solo does not mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket! For a tiger safari in India, you can also book yourselves on a fixed departure tour.

What is a fixed departure?

A set of fixed dates when we have a small group of people touring a particular safari circuit.

How big is the group?

At Tiger Safari India, the group exceeds not more than 03 people. This is because:

  • We avoid overcrowding the tour which could otherwise get noisy and disturbing for some people.
  • The guides and naturalists can pay more attention to everybody’s needs and questions equally, during a safari.
  • We book you in an air-conditioned SUV instead of big, noisy tour busses/coaches.
  • As a result, the boutique experience remains while still maintaining the sanctity of the safari and stay.

reduce travel cost india 2022


How does it reduce costs?

By enrolling for a fixed departure tour, you save costs by:

  • Sharing the transfer vehicles with 02 other guests, to and from the airport and also between jungles.
  • Sharing the safari jeep with 02 other guests, along with the guide (naturalist) and driver.

Please bear in mind that transportation is the only aspect of the tour that you will be sharing with your fellow travel buddies! You will still be accommodated in a single occupancy private room in all jungle lodges and city hotels.

Such fixed departures only help you acquaint yourselves with your travel partners, who obviously share the same passion as you do!

Some of our bestselling fixed departures are:

10th February 2023 – 22nd February 2023

10th March 2023 – 22nd March 2023


21st March 2023 – 03rd April 2023


Write to us on [email protected] to get a quote on either of the two tours.


6. Connect with people:

Traveling solo gives you the opportunity to have a friendly rendezvous with the people around you – be it, locals, from the town/village next door, or naturalists. It gives you an in-depth understanding of their life, ways around the jungle, survival skills, and their amicable relationship with the wildlife around them.


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All in all, a solo trip is not as intimidating as it seems. Keep the aforementioned in mind while planning your next adventure and it’s going to fit in memories of a lifetime!

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