Corbett Park – The Call of the Wild

Jim Corbett National Park is absolutely riddled with things to do and places to visit. It is undoubtedly one of the most complete tiger safari tours your money can buy. When you visit Corbett Park, you are immediately thrust into a lush, evergreen landscape that always invites you to explore deeper at every turn.  

Experiences at Corbett Park have constantly been improving since its inception in 1936, and today, you and your family will be guaranteed a jolly good week-long expedition thanks to our top 7 best places to visit near the park. 

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Kaladhungi Museum, Choti Haldwani, Jim Corbett Residence

Nestled in the comforting atmosphere of Kaladhungi, the JIm Corbett Museum is one the major tourist attractions outside the national reserve. The museum was actually once a heritage home of Jim Corbett himself. 

A visit to the museum will give tourists the feel of what it is like to be a wildlife enthusiast, as one can see the personal belongings of Corbett, including his sketches and records of tiger sightings and expeditions.  

You can get your picture taken with life-size animal statues, and even shop for explorer trinkets right in the museum. 


Gurney House, Nainital

A gurney is a house that is rebuilt using the demolished remains of an older house. It’s no surprise that a legendary hunter, tracker and naturalist like Jim Corbett would choose this very set up as his quarters during visits to the region. 

Today, the Gurney House stands as a powerful symbol of what being a wildlife enthusiast is all about. Some of Corbett’s most princely and personal belongings are kept in the house and arranged just how he would like them to be. 

Nature enthusiasts should visit this place to learn more about the life and times of Corbett. 


Kosi River

If camping by riverbanks is your idea for a good afternoon picnic, the Kosi River is a must visit. This river serves as a very significant source of life for the regions of Tibet, Nepal, and Bihra and is home to highly protected wildlife conservation zones. 

The river tide can get aggressive during monsoon, which offers thrill-seekers the chance to engage in some adrenaline-pumping activities like rafting and river crossing. You will never fail spot birds and animals flocking about the river banks. 

If you love living close to water bodies, you can even choose to stay at resorts that are built within view of the Kosi River.  


Dhangarhi Museum

Another great museum visit comes in the form of the Dhangarhi Museum. It is a powerful reminder of what wildlife in India faced long before conservation efforts became a priority. 

You can explore the entire museum in 30 minutes and gaze in awe at the many souvenirs on display that were collected as trophies by hunters during the British rule. The museum can serve as a great educational tour for your children while also giving shopaholics a reason to splurge. 


Sitabani Forest Reserve

If exploring one wildlife reserve isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for thrills, how about dropping by a neighboring reserve that’s just as spectacular. 

Much like Corbett Park, the Sitabani Forest Reserve is another well-established and maintained wildlife sanctuary and home to a healthy population of flora and fauna. A short drive from Jim Corbett National Park will lead you to yet countless ways to soak in nature. 

The Sitabani forest is famed for the sheer variety of avifauna found, both as visitors and natives to the land. A recorded 600 species of avifauna was calculated, giving bird-watchers a huge reason to carry their best pair of eyes sehil on tour. 


Garjiya Temple

Considered by locals as the prie temple of the Nainital district, the Garjiya Devi Temple is a must-visit for those seeking spiritual enlightenment while on their safari tour. 

The temple plays host to thousands of pilgrims who seek the blessings of Goddess Parvathi during the major festival of Kartik Poornima. 

If you like an elevated view of your surroundings, climb the hill that holds this magnificent temple and be treated to a panoramic view of the Kosi River! 


Mohan Man-eater Tiger Trek

Jim Corbett has penned numerous books on tigers; everything from where they live, how they survive to what they eat, is well-documented in his reads. Perhaps some of his most famous works can be credited to the rise of man-eating tigers, and one such tale can be tracked across this amazing trek. 

The Mohan Man-eater Tiger Trek covers the exact trail used by Corbett when he successfully hunted down the man-eating tiger residing in the area. It will test your might, as it runs across practically every type of terrain in the park and takes nearly 3 hours to complete. Imagine doing this, albeit with extra caution as you are trying to hunt down a ferocious beast. 

Take this trek up if you are prepared to lose your mind yet find your soul! Ready to take on the safari tour of a lifetime? Visit all these amazing places near Corbett Park is a specialized tour package curated just for you by Tiger Safari India.

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