Elephants : The harmless giants. Elephants are as giant as an animal can get and yet they are one of the friendliest creatures so they are referred as . Children love to ride on elephants and one of the most common phrases used by them is “Haathi mere Saathi”, meaning Elephant my friend. Apart from seeing them only as an animal to ride.

Some fun facts about elephants – the harmless giants.

  • An elephant has an average life span of about 70 years .
  • It is the largest land animal among the mammals .
  • Elephants can spend about 16 hours in a day for eating .
  • An elephant’s tusks are actually its oversized incisors, which are made of ivory .
  • It has very small eyes and poor vision of sight .
  • The size of the elephant’s brain is the largest in the animal kingdom .
  • Elephants are known to have good memory and can feel emotions like grief and sadness.
  • The elephant has a heart rate of 27 bpm .
  • The elephants reach puberty at the age of about 16 .
  • The mother elephant has a gestation period of about 22 months
  • The elephant’s trunk is a very useful organ. It helps them to lift food and water to eat .
  • The ears of an elephant are large and thin containing blood vessels. The blood in these blood vessels helps them to cool down in hot temperatures.
  • Elephants are hard to keep as a pet, because of their expensive diet and their need for space. However, it would be so exciting to have one.

Elephants : The Harmles Giants

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