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Corbett & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

12 Nights/13 Days

About Corbett & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

On a professionally designed tiger safari tour, Bandhavgarh and Corbett national parks provide you the best blend of wildlife and landscape to see the majestic white tusks and the national animal of India. The aggressiveness of the Tiger and the wisdom of the Elephant keep your attention during the entire trip.

James Edward Corbett, or Jim Corbett if you prefer, was the mastermind behind the development of Corbett National Park and everything that surrounds it. For decades, millions of readers have been enthralled by his enthralling tales of shikars in the foothills of the Himalayas. In this wonderful park, wildlife photography in India also had its start. From the time of FW Champion until the present, Corbett has been a photographer’s Mecca. Visit Corbett because of its incredible diversity, beauty, and mystique if you want to understand Indian wildlife.

Bandhavgarh is without a doubt one of India’s best parks for seeing the biggest cat. It’s not the first time this has happened; for almost 25 years, Bandhavgarh has continuously ranked first in rankings of the best and most Tiger sightings. The foundation of Indian wildlife tourism was this National Park. It was the sole cause of the sector’s extraordinary early growth in terms of wildlife tourism.

Outline Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary | Corbett & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

Day 01 : Arrival in New Delhi

Upon arrival at the New Delhi Airport, you will be met by our representative who will ensure a smooth transfer to the Hotel and further, help you check-in at the Hotel. All the travel related documents will be handed over and explained to you. Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 02 : New Delhi – Corbett (by surface 275/5- hrs. drive)

Early breakfast followed by a 5-hour, 275-kilometer drive to Corbett National Park. Transfer your luggage into the safari van at the park entrance. Get your camera ready since the following 32 kilometres to the Forest Rest House go through the forest, where you could run into any prey or predator on the track. Check into the Forest Rest House when you arrive.

Unique to Corbett National Park are these Forest Rest Houses. You only have the chance to remain inside the national park in Corbett. The facility has a view of the Himalayan foothills and is situated on the Ramganga River’s banks. After lunch, travel to India’s most beautiful national park for an afternoon safari. The menu is exclusively vegetarian. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted in this area. At dusk, return from the safari. Overnight at Forest Rest House and dinner.

Day 03 : In Corbett National Park

Jeep safaris in the morning and the afternoon, meals, and accommodation at Forest Lodge inside the national park.

At sunrise, start your morning safari. The phrase “country of the roar, trumpet, and song” perfectly sums up Corbett. It depicts a breathtakingly beautiful scene. Corbett held the honourable distinction of being the site selected for Project Tiger’s debut in India. The Reserve’s many habitats play a part in contributing to its great biodiversity. The Reserve contains both Himalayan and peninsular flora and wildlife as a result of its location in the central Himalayan foothills. Overnight at the Rest House and dinner there.

tiger safari in pench
elephants at corbett national park
spotted deers in kanha national park

Day 04 : In Corbett National Park

Morning and afternoon safaris in the Dhikala zone of Corbett. The variety of wildlife and landscapes in Corbett is unparalleled not only in India, but it can be easily said to be amongst the top 3 national parks in the world. Trip Advisor chose Corbett to be the 2nd most popular park in the world.

Tigers of Corbett have a dark orange coat that make them very attractive. Male tigers in Corbett are rarely seen, and would occasionally snarl on seeing a tourist vehicle. Tigresses of Corbett are the prettiest in the entire country. Some of them have become bold and do not hesitate to come out with their young cubs.

The terrain of Corbett is a mix of dense woodlands, open grasslands, river beds. While moving from one forest type to another one needs to change the camera settings often so as not to overexpose images. The light in different backdrops is quite different and dramatic. Seeing tigers in these different backdrops in one jungle is unique.

Corbett is also a great place to photograph birds. It is common to see some raptors perched on trees next to the Ramganga river waiting for their food. One can commonly see Pallas’s Fishing Eagle, Lesser Fishing Eagle, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Crested Kingfishers on the tress next to the riverbed.

Day 5 : Corbett – New Delhi (by surface – 275/5- hrs. drive)

Safari in the early morning, breakfast, and departure from the Forest Rest House. Packing your photographic gear is a bad idea because you’ll probably see some wildlife before leaving the park. When you arrive, a representative from our company will welcome you and help you check in easily. In a New Delhi hotel for the night.

Day 6 : New Delhi – Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh (Flight+ 200 kms/4-hour drive)

Our agent will pick you up from your New Delhi hotel in the early morning and drive you to the airport where you will take a flight at 0730 hours, landing in Jabalpur at 0930 hours. 200 km/four hours later, after being met at the Jabalpur airport, you will arrive at Bandhavgarh National Park. Check into the Lodge after arrival. Jeep safari to the national park in the afternoon following lunch.

Day 7 - 11 : In Bandhavgarh National Park

The resort serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Jeep safaris to the national park in the morning and the afternoon.

Bandhavgarh: The national park is renowned for having a large number of tigers. Here is where the renowned White Tigers of Rewa were found. Leopards, Blue Bulls, Indian Gaur (Bison), Chausingha (Four Horned Antelopes), Spotted Deers, Sambar Deers, Exotic Boar, Sloth Bears, Fox, Jackals, Wild Dogs, and others are among the park’s numerous wild attractions. The Park is home to 250 different bird species and at least 22 different mammal species. The Ratel, Porcupine, Small Indian Civet, Palm Squirrel, Lesser Bandicoot rat, Jungle Cat, and timid Hyenas are some of the other animals that may be seen in Bandhavgarh. Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Ratsnakes, Pythons, Monitor Lizards, and turtles are among the park’s reptile residents. The rhesus macaque and the Hanuman langur are the two primate species that call Bandhavgarh home. Overnight at the Resort.

tiger safari in india
tiger safari in pench national park
bandhavgarh kanha pench tiger safari in india

Day 12 : Bandhavgarh - Jabalpur - New Delhi (by road 200 kms/4 hrs drive)

Jeep safari in the park in the morning. Drive 200 kilometres (4 hours) to Jabalpur airport after a brief lunch in order to catch a flight to New Delhi at 1850 hrs. At 20:50, arrive in New Delhi. Transfer to the airport for your next flight after arrival.

Day 13 : New Delhi - Fly Back/Onward

Morning Jeep safari in the park. After a quick lunch, travel 200 kilometres (4 hours) to the airport in Jabalpur to make the 1850 h flight to New Delhi. Arrive in New Delhi at 20:50. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport for your upcoming trip.

Tour Inclusions

Tour Exclusions

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Parks to visit on Corbett & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

Bandhavgarh National Park

The lush green landscapes at the Bandhavgarh National Park will entice you to visit this tiger reserve between November and March. However, if more than the jungles, it is the stealth and gait of the tiger that tempts you more, then you may come visiting in April-May where the vegetation is spare and so you will be able to view the tigers out in the open.

The four zones of this park- Magadhi, Khitauli, Tala, and Panpatta-are said to be the hub of Royal Bengal tigers. Visitors also come here for sightseeing as the park has several historical monuments and remains of caves that are nearly 2000 years old.

The Bandhavgarh tour packages are highly in demand due to the lore behind it. According to Hindu mythology, the Bandhavgarh reserve is said to house a prominent hillock that is said to have been gifted by Lord Rama to his brother Lakshmana. The thrill of watching and photographing tigers and other wild animals in their natural habitat here is second to none.

bandhavgarh national park tiger safari tour india
spotted deer in bandhavgarh tiger safari tour
tiger walking in bandhavgarh national park

Corbett National Park

Named after the memory of the late Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter, naturalist-turned-author, and photographer who had helped in setting up the park and demarcating its boundaries. The park is also considered as a true bird sanctuary with over 2,060 species and subspecies of birds.
tiger safari in kanha national park
elephant drinking water in jim corbett national park
sambar spotted in kanha national park

Popular Fauna

Royal Bengal Tiger

Indian Gaur

Sloth Bear

Indian Leopard

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Tiger Safari India

Frequently Asked Questions

Leave it to the experts! It is a little difficult booking the exclusive Dhikala Forest Rest House on your own. It is best done by experts who know the place and people who manage it. That’s where we step in. Our team will help you book the best rooms within the rest house, book your safaris with expert guides and more.

Tiger Safari India uses Maruti Gypsies for wildlife safaris. The Gypsy is a closed off-road 4×4 vehicle, making it ideal to use on a safari as it provides optimum safety while ensuring a swift and smooth transit across the sanctuary.
Each national park you will visit has strict opening and closing hours. The tour plan provided by Tiger Safari India ensures you get to spend a good amount of time at the park while on a safari tour. The safari usually starts in the early hours of 7 AM and can end as late as 10 PM.
No. Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is strictly prohibited while inside the premises of the national parks.
The Bandhavgarh National park is open to public visits every year between October to June. Tiger Safari India offers bespoke Bandhavgarh National Park tour packages, and we recommend you opt for a safari during the cooler months from October to December for the most comforting and fulfilling experience.
Opt in for the Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Pench tour package offered by Tiger Safari India. The package gives you access to 12 nights and 13 days of wildlife sanctuary experience, with the final leg of the tour being at the Bandhavgarh.
Our package tour itinerary details a 6-hour drive from the Kanha National Park which will take you to the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

The best time to visit Corbett is from December to May every year. The park opens in the first week of remember post Monsoon, and to avoid any uncertain showers, it is best to travel starting December to anytime in May.

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