Bonnie Ranen - May 2017

Dear Sharad and Manjeet

We literally can not thank you enough for our phenomenal tiger safari experiences!!!
First of all, everything that was planned was carried out perfectly from our arrival till our departure with all the many complicated travels in between.
We left the hotels, especially Tiger's Den in Bandhavgar and of course Chitvan Lodge in Kanha, feeling that we were leaving friends who had invited us into their homes as the most hospitable of hosts...
Beyond all the original well thought out plans and the caring way each stage was carried out, was the truly heart-warming assistance we received at Chitvan for our friend, Gila, who insisted on carrying out this trip in spite of very serious pre-existing health issues which unfortunately led her and her husband to shorten their trip by a few days and return home for further medical treatment. Your attention to details were only surpassed by the warmth and sensitivity shown to us by all. You left a wonderful and lasting impression which we will never forget.
Pench was also interesting and the hotel and grounds were very luxurious but not as personal or special as the other 2 resorts. We also had less luck with sightings in comparison with the first 2 places. In all, in 10 days of safaris in the 3 reserves, we saw 21 tigers, some through binoculars but others right next to our jeep...!!!!
Bonnie Ranen

Allan & Muriel - April 2017

Good morning to you Sharad from a decidedly different climatic zone that that which we departed from on Saturday. Here we arrived home Monday evening to the onset of autumn, temp was 23ºC but yesterday, we had a wintery blast & that temp has today plummeted to a mere 14ºC - it is just gone 0820hrs & I am about to head into the city (traffic withdrawl symptoms are not top of the list!)

To say the adventure you & Manjeet & your back room team served up was simply outstanding is a massive understatement- it was all of that & so much more. Our travels served to heighten the group participants awareness of the longevity & historic cultural aspects of India, something perhaps that most were not in step with before arriving. Such a rich cultural history is underplayed by Tourism India (we feel) & the stereotypical attitude which all too many folks who have the financial capacity & time to be able to dedicate to an India adventure seems to be lost in the perception of their getting a likely bout of stomach troubles, where-as the reality could not be further from the myth - India cuisine is absolutely exceptional (not sure if that covers the premise of not eating from street vendors) & offers a vast array of dietary likes, just as the group we brought discovered.

Our accommodation was also outstanding - just superb & noted in positive comments by every member of the group.

Hindsight is always 20/20 perfect vision so perhaps that makes it surreal, however if there is one element we`d change for a future India adventure is to add one, perhaps even a second totally free day, the first in Jaipur (to allow folks to get out on their own to experience the `streets`take photos, buy local goods etc, or lounge around a pool whatever takes their fancy & then a second day off on the third day at Tigers`Den as a chill out day, where as an optional they could go on one or both safari game drives, but we suspect most would head to that glorious pool, read a book, snooze & chill out after a series of early starts. We`d therefore have 2 days added, plus the extension that sadly due to time constraints Muriel & I forewent. There`s always a next time!

No doubt as the individual participants get back home & clear their decks with time to reflect, we`ll receive their comments back & those we`ll pass on to you unfettered.

However, that said, the animal, bird & reptile / insect experiences we were gifted were out of this world. Who would have thought between our group we encountered 27 different tigers & in Bandhavgarh on every single safari game drive, every one of our guests had a front row seat to tigers ..impossible, no, it happened but we doubt the first timers can or have grasped the significance of that which they had the privilege of witnessing. We doubt they will ever have that happen again, not if they came multiple times more. Also various species of snakes, so many astonishing bird species - & butterflies that are unique to India.

So in terms of `marks` your company receives a 10 out of a possible ten & our extreme gratitude to go with that. Thank you & our thanks to Manjeet & all who played a part in the outstanding customer experience & hands-on service we received.

I have sent a recommendation to a tour wholesaler in Christchurch NZ - Innovative Travel who have an annual India group that usually takes in 2 different Tiger National Parks - I`ll update the info on them & who to contact on a separate e.mail latter in my day today, or tomorrow.

With personal best wishes & our heartfelt thanks again - we`ll be back!

Allan & Muriel

Ben Raiser & Michelle Kramarczuk - March 2017

Dear Sharad

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for what I can honestly say was the best holiday and most amazing experience that I have ever had.

Such an amazing place India, and I know that our experience would not have been such a good one if it had not have been for the amazing work put in by you and your team along every step of the way.

I can honestly say that not one thing went wrong for the entire trip and I was very surprised and humbled at the level of professionalism, courtesy and finite level of detail that was put into every aspect of our journey – you definitely have some of the most amazing people working for you at Tiger Safari India.

We were able to achieve our main goal of seeing a beautiful tiger in the wild (we actually saw 10 in total and all were absolutely stunning) as well as experience the cultural history and significance that India has to offer – all thanks to your fantastic drivers and guides.

Additionally, I was able to take thousands (literally!!) of amazing photos which I will keep and cherish as amazing memories of our trip there.

Expect to hear from me again soon as I am already planning another, and longer trip to experience more of what India has to offer J and would be honoured to plan this second Indian adventure through your company.

Please pass my deepest most heartfelt thank you on to not only yourself, but the rest of your amazing team.

Additionally, thank you for your gift at the end of the journey – it was extremely unexpected and a great surprise to receive such a lovely present to end our adventures.

It was also extremely nice to meet you in person at Tiger's Den in Bandhavgarh.

Further more from Michelle:

A huge thank you for a wonderful holiday. Everything was beautifully organised, down to the very small details, it was definitely the adventure of a lifetime and one that I won’t forget, I will be back for sure! Just to add to what Ben has said I would like to say a huge thank you for organising the birthday dinner for Ben at Ranthambhore, it was great and the guys there put in so much effort and the cake topped it all off, so a really big thank you for organising that for me.

Warmest and best regards,

Ben Raiser & Michelle Kramarczuk

Rocco & Nell - March 2017

Dear Sharad

Following on Lilian's feedback, we would like to express our thanks for the role you played in arranging our wonderful holiday in India. We had a great time and are delighted to have finally seen tigers in the wild and the majestic Taj Mahal - a dream fulfilled!

Also a very sincere thank you for the gift - such a kind gesture and much appreciated. We shall enjoy reading the book and you beautiful tiger photographs will be block-mounted as a reminder of our great Indian adventure.

Please also convey our thanks to Maanjeet for taking care of us so well and overseeing each stage of the trip - it gave us great peace of mind!

With thanks and very best wishes to you and your team.

Warm regards

Rocco & Nell

Neil Orchard - March 2017

Dear Sharad

A huge thank you to you and your staff for organising such a wonderful trip for Nick and I, as soon as we were greeted by Harmeet with the biggest warmest smile I knew we were going to have a great time. We must give a special mention to Ramesh , he looked after us really well and is a really helpful friendly chap. The staff at the places we stayed were all excellent , Dinesh , our guide at Chambal was especially good , he never stopped showing us great wildlife . As for Sunil , well all I can say about him is that he found us Black Bittern !. More seriously though it was a pleasure to be in his company and he is a great Birder and found us some great birds , it really was a highlight spending time with him. With regards to our itinerary we found it perfect , the varied places we went to really made it . All our accommodation was excellent and would recommend them highly. Although every place we went to was fantastic it was just a dream come true for me to visit Ranthambore , every time we went into the park it felt special . Nick and I both agree that the trip could not have been better and there was not even the smallest thing that could have been improved. Please find below our sightings

Sambar , Chital , Nilgai , Chinkara, Wild Boar, Fruit Bat , Indian Hare , 5 Striped Palm Squirrel , Macaque , Langur, Ruddy Mongoose x9 , Ganges River Dolphin (3 sightings ), Common Palm Civet x2, Jackal , Jungle Cat (Chambal ), Leopard x2 , Tiger ( 1 male,2 females and 1 female with 3 six month old cubs), Gharial and Mugger We saw 180 bird species with the highlights being Sarus Crane , Skimmer , River and white tailed lapwing, Brown Capped Pygmy and Yellow Crowned Woodpecker, Black Necked Stork , Dusky Eagle and Brown Fish Owl, 9 species of Eagle and Black Bittern

As you can see we did quite well , especially with the Tigers , something I have dreamed of seeing for years and our sightings could not have been better !.We would not hesitate to book with Nature Safaris , indeed our only problem would be where !.

Thankyou again and I hope to be in touch soon for our next trip

Neil Orchard

Anatoly & Ludmila Berman , Israel - April 2016

Hello,Our 36 day tour of India was organized by Nature Safari India.

Why did we choose this company?)

First of all - the website of the company issued by fine photos Mr Sharad Vats and also the main direction of work of the company - wild life and the nature of India. Later, after personal meeting with Mr Sharad we were convinced that we deal with the person whose main interests in accuracy coincide with ours - supervision and the photo of wild animals in their native habitat.

Our trip was very long.In during its compilation had many questions.Mr. Sharad immediately answered all our questions.

Mr. Sharad has made us a detailed plan for each day.All was painted by minutes.Was take into account all our wishes and even more.In program included daily 2 jeep safaris, elephant safaris, river cruises, etc.

And just as our decision affected the good reviews about the company Nature Safari India .

About his choice, we do not regret it!

We want to thank Natur Safari led by Mr Sharad for perfectly planned and organized trip, we made a with his company in March-April 2016.

All meetings, travel, and stops the stay were very comfortable and logical.We want thank the company team that perfectly fulfill its work. Especially Mr Manjeet Sharma and Vickram Vickey.All our comings and goings to / from Delhi Airport carried by Mr Manjeet out with great care, gently and clearly .

Thanks kindly provided by the telephone "hot line" we always felt your support and Mr Manjeet and readiness at any moment to provide the necessary help. Though almost no surprises on our trip did not happen, such contact and the possibility at any moment to address you give a sense of confidence in our a rather long trip, which included 9 different parks and several cities in the northern part of your wonderful country.

Corbett NP.This beautiful park we liked, although we are not finded tigers.But it was the best place where we saw a lot of elephants. ONLY take part having in this park we saw Kalij Pheasant. Also we have seen very close 4 types Vulturs: CinereousVulture, Indian Vulture, Red-headed Vulture, Egyptian Vulture.

Sasan Gir NP.In this park we saw lions.

- Bera.It is very spesial exclusive place - we really liked it.Every day we saw leopard . The atmosphere and situation of Castle Bera, and also the room and kitchen of this lock have made indelible impression on us .My like in a fairy tale.

- Ranthambhore NP.Beautiful place where we saw tigers. On one of a safari the tiger stood several minutes near our jeep!

Panna NP.Nice Park, a tiger in the bushes and saw a second, as seen Vultures .We had cruise on the river, where we saw a huge crocodile.

Bandhavgarh np - Beautiful Park where we saw the tigers with 4 grown up cubs, seen a lot of birds, seen from afar leopard.

Kanha NP.Very beautiful park.We was the tigers there.In our last safari went on one of the roads of the park .... and in front of our jeep turned tiger.My few minutes went for nim. No other cars was not - only our ! More we liked in this park is beautiful and powerful Gaurus.

Kaziranga NP.Very green park.Here really close, you can see Indian rhinos . Impressive show!. Especially we liked elephant safari.Elephant very close come to rhinos and other animals.In this park a great variety of the birds.This park very liked for us All places of spending the night were faultless and completely met our requirements. Local guides and drivers also carried out a safari and excursions on the cities highly professionally.We want again express my gratitude to our guide driver Vickram Vickey. Vickram excellent guide who has a desire to help, show unplanned attractions, considerate and very nice and friendly to talk to.

We were also very glad to get acquainted with you in the last day of our round. Personal meeting with you has made strong impression on us and has set us thinking more seriously on continuation of our trips on parks of India with your company We can recommend everyone who is planning a trip to India to get in touch with Nature Safari India and they will get good help in planning a trip to India.

Thank you very much , best regards

Anatoly & Ludmila Berman , Israel

Melissa and Gerardo - April 2016

Hi Sharad

We really enjoyed our trip to India, and meeting you, Manjeet, and everyone else along the way.

Yes! I had many great tiger sightings! 2 out of 4 at Ranthambhore, 4 out of 5 at Banhavgarh, and 3 out of 5 at Kanha (including a Sloth Bear!).

I felt very taken care of throughout the entire trip from the drivers, to the tour guides, and the hotel staff. Thank you for putting together an extensive, varied itinerary full of amazing sights and comfortable lodging. We also appreciated your responsiveness and your continued efforts when we needed to make changes.

I wanted to specifically mention Veejay and Narang. We thought the service Veejay provided was great. He was friendly, pleasant, helpful, and professional. We felt safe with him throughout all our driving travels. Narang was an amazing guide. His knowledge of Kanha and its animals was extensive. His ability to pick up on tracks and know the habits/patterns of the animals was impressive.

Thanks again for everything!

Melissa and Gerardo

Hi my dear friend Sharad

I am back at home, sound and safe :)

I can' t belive that today, my dreamed trip to India, became a wonderful and amazing reality... Four months ago, together begun to build a dream to make it possible, make it a reality. Thank you very much to make it, your advise and passion shown me the path to reach India, astonishing India, diverse India, beloved India... and, of course, India and her wonderful wildlife...

This tour was born because of my dream to be close to the sublime tiger, as I have told you before, the tiger, a God in the forest. You teached me the tiger is the vehicle of Durga. Wildlife was the "call" to bring me to India, the first door opened to show me, then, more and more doors to be opened to discover culture, spirituality, history, traditions and diversity...

About safaris and National Parks, as I told you in our dinner, I can say:

Bandhavgarh: give me the gift to meet tigers, to be close of them, to enjoy their presence and delight being a witness in their kingdom.

Kaziranga: this is the area of India I loved the most, the village and people. Of course, I was surprised for a big number of rhinos.

Dudhwa: A mistic place, as a heaven, as enchanted forest. The mist in the forest, animals crossing the road, sometimes we were not sure if it was an animal or an elf. Magical place. Just the forest worth the trip.

And of course, in every national park wildlife, nature, landscape are a wonderful gift offered to our eyes and sprit.

Thank you very much for the itinerary, every single place I have visited touched me. I learned very much in this tour. it is difficult to explain my feelings in a few words. In fact, my feelings and emotions still looking for the order to describe this wonderful experience.

I visited India not to look for but to find. Of course, my main goal was search for a tiger but I found many other treasures manifested in different ways and forms

Thank you, to you and your team, Manjeet, my guide Amit, and all people that make possible my tour. Thank you for your responsability and kindness. Thanks for your care on every single detail.

Finally, just one more word to thank you for the gifts you gave me in dinner:

- The book: represent the spirituality, a path to make growth the spirit. This is India.

- Pictures: Our beloved tiger, images of a living treasure. Pictures taken and signed by yourself, so a piece of you and your love for wildlife, a love we share for our beloved nature.

- Tea: culture and tradition of India.

Again, thank you very much

Keep in touch my dear friend, say hello and thank you to everybody there, since Majeet and Amit, until, drivers, guides, hostess in hotels, etc. etc. etc.

I hope visit you again

Warm regards


Hi Sharad

In the spring of 2014 My girlfriend and i were talking together with some friends with a mutual interest of nature. We agreed to go to India to see tigers. We looked in the internet and there was alot of options. Very fast we found a few companies that looked interesting. We made contact to the different companies, and after the replies we got, it was clear that one company was a very serious one, being tigersafariindia.com.

We mailed a bit with Manjeet and alot with Sharad, and a tour started to form. The plan was to go to Bandhavgahr and Kanha in spring 2015.

We were a bit sceptic, when we landed in Delhi Airport, if everything would go as planned. As soon as we got out of the airport area, we were welcomed by Manjeet, and he took good care of us in Delhi, and got us to the Domestic airport and further on. When landing in the next airport, the driver was waiting and the tour went super smooth. We had the pleasure of staying in The Tiger Den in Bandhavgahr, and had a great time. Perfect naturalist and alot of great sightings of different wildlife including a good number of tigers.

The next stop was Kanha, where we stayed in Chitwan. A really nice hotel, with super friendly and professional staff. Again, we saw alot more wildlife than we ever dreamed of, and also a good number of tigers.

When we came back home, it was very clear to the whole group, that we were not done with India and safari, so this year we went back again. As the first time, everything went perfectly smooth.

We visited Pench and Tadoba. The weather was not on our side in Pench as there had been alot of rain prior to our arrival, so the tiger sightings were few and hard, but we ended up seeing 3 tigers. As the tiger sightings were hard, we used some time on other animals, and had great sightings of other wildlife. We stayed in Tuli tiger corridor, a very nice hotel, with a great staff.

The last part of the trip were in Tadoba. It was truly amazing. The first day, we had the pleasure of seeing Dhole, Tiger, Leopard and Sloth bear! This is not something you can do everywhere in the world.

Again, we had lots of sightings and saw alot of tigers. When we came back to Delhi, We were met by Manjeet. MAnjeet and Sharad came to the hotel in the afternoon. I have personally travelled alot around the world, and you have to look for a long time to find 2 persons as pleasant as these 2 guys, and even longer to find a company as proffessional as tigersafariindia.

This is defenitly not the last tour we have made with this amazing company

Simon Bomholt and Jette Pind Sørensen

Dear Sharad, Dear Manjeet,

Thank you so much for both of you for organizing our Indian tour again this year. The last two weeks after the trip have been quite busy hence couldn’t write you earlier. Similarly as after our last year visit I listed a short summary of the national parks and accommodations.

1) Gir forest was definitely worth visiting. The tours were well organized and thank to our excellent driver in Gujarat we didn’t too much need to bother all the administrative disorder at the gate since he queued and booked all the routes, drivers and naturalists for us. He also asked our feedback after each safari in case we wanted to improve anything. I cannot recall his name but in case you have chance please send our big thanks to him. The highlight of the sightings included several lions, leopard, four-horned antelope and various birds. The forest obviously was very dry and dusty this time of the year but the sightings are good. Asiatic lion lodge served the purpose. It was very crowded during the first days due to Indian holidays but thereafter we realized that the peak season must be over since most of the cabins were empty. It might be nice to see the forest when all is green. It must look completely different.

2) Blackbuck national park in Velavadar was a positive surprise for us. During the safaris we saw apart from abundant blackbucks and nilgais several new species for us including wolf, Indian fox, jungle cat, Sarus crane and lesser florican. We didn’t see hyena and in fact our guides told us that the hyenas are nowadays spotted mainly in buffer area but the sighting are rather extraordinary. Our guides did great job and we really enjoyed the time. Blackbuck lodge is a great place and would have stayed there much longer. Since the national park is quite small three safaris, however, are sufficient.

3) Satpura national park was clearly the highlight of the trip. This year we had our best safaris with Aly who was with us all except the last safari (due to babysitting). Obviously tiger sighting are not common and therefore the national park is probably not that much visited but the holistic experience is by far one of the greatest in India. Tracking by listening alarm calls and following footprints is very exciting and since there are only few vehicles in the park the sightings are really unique and guides need to trust themselves. We had great sloth bear and leopard sightings. Our trip to Churna camp was the best of all safaris. We also had some spot lighting there and saw giant flying squirrel and a sloth bear. During another night safari we managed to see leopard, rusty spotted cat, two types of civet cats, four-horned antelope, gerbils etc. We also had one walking safari which gave a good view of the micro fauna and at the same time on ground level you can really understand the size of gaur. Reni Pani lodge was the best of all accommodations and this is a place we definitely want to revisit.

4) Tadoba national park clearly focuses on tigers. We had good tiger sightings but didn’t too much like the place.

Manjeet, many thanks also for showing me the fruit bats. It was perfect ending for the trip.

Attached please find few of the photos and if you like any of them please feel free to add them into your website. Lion and four-horned antelope pictures are from Gir, wolf in Velavadar, leopard and sloth bear on the rock in Satpura. The other sloth bear picture is taken in Tadoba.

We will definitely come back to India in the future but expect that it won’t be possible during the next 1-2 years. Next time we most likely would come in cooler period like in February. There remains is still much to see both from animals and scenery point of view. It would be nice to see the Himalayas and concerning animals I start to have obsession on dholes.

Let’s keep in touch and in the meantime please send us any wildlife updates and recommendations for the next journey.

We wish you both a very nice summer.

Kind regards,

Petteri & Claudia

Jerry Xu - January 2016

Hi Sharad and Manjeet

All clients went home safely this morning. It was a wonderful trip this time and everyone enjoyed it very much. As the tour leader, I have to say this is one of the best trip I had in the past, not only we witnessed the incredible India, but also the whole trip was safe and happy.

Big thanks to Manjeet. Without you, we could not have such fun and safe trip. We do appreciate that. On the flight back, we talked about you a lot, and we felt so lucky to have such a local guide with us.

So I will talk to Felicia tomorrow, about the discussion with Sharad on day2 and more discussions with Manjeet on the way. Then we will give you some feedback, and how to move forward, to have more attractive packages and good services to Chinese clients.

Thank you Sharad and Manjeet again! My brothers in India.

Best regards

Jerry Xu