With many families, family-bonding is an important part of the culture. Tiger safari holiday provides an opportunity to communicate with family like no other holiday. Read below to know how?

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In today’s social-media driven and deeply engaging world, family bonding is more important than ever. And a Tiger safari holiday in the wilderness is the perfect family vacation!

Here’s why you should plan a Tiger Safari Holiday:

  • Limited Mobile Network / Limited Wi-Fi:

Most of the national parks have limited Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile network signals. The majority of the smart phone generation spends way too much time immersed in mobile phones.

And though it may be difficult to adjust initially, you will realize that there is merit in disconnecting oneself from the world for a bit.

That is not to say that you will be completely disconnected from the outside world, means are always available.

Who knows, a great reading habit may be inculcated in the absence of the internet!

  • No Television: Most wildlife lodges do not keep televisions in each room (although this is changing slowly). But do choose a lodge without a TV in your room.

Nature is a great teacher as well as an entertainer, and living in large cities, we have clearly lost touch with it.

The jungles at night are filled with fascinating sounds. For example, one can hear the alrm calls of various animals when they sight a predator. Similarly,  the sounds of frogs, owls and nocturnal birds fill the night.

It is indeed a magical experience, as these animals are a part of the planet we all share. Yet theirs is an existence so different from ours which we may not be fully aware of.

Our constant updates on technology, business, entertainment and modern science keeps us away from our roots.

  • Safaris – an Engaging and Educational activity: A Jeep Safari is conducted twice a day. It usually consumes 8 to 9 hours in a day where one has complete “family time”.

Jungle Safari Tour

It is an engaging activity with no choice but to actively participate in it. Looking at beautiful animals and birds is a wonderful way to spend time. It becomes a meaningful experience when a good Naturalist is present.

A safari jeep can be booked on a private basis for the family up to 06 persons in a vehicle.

Safari Tour in India

During a safari the search for the Tiger is always ongoing it is a very elusive animal. And if by chance you do see one, the collective delight is simply to be experienced to be believed.

Heck, your guide will be as excited as you even though he/she visits the park every day!

Moreover, learning about the ecosystem and all it encompasses is something that all of us should try and know.

  • Rural Life/ Life in the Countryside: As it stands today, it is the  more fortunate who can afford a Tiger safari holiday.

Most of us who visit, visit these areas with a perspective of the fast-paced “city life”.

A visit to the countryside or a village gives one an idea of how a completely different section of our society lives. It also provides an insight into the way of life of our ancestors who lived off the land.

In India, it is a humbling sight to see the hardworking farming families. They meticulously plant each sapling of rice or wheat by hand and use their cattle to till the soil.

Once again, these are great lessons to draw from and can be inspiring for both, the young and the adult mind.

  • Walking in a Healthy Environment: Exposing oneself to the oxygenated environments is extremely beneficial for our health. We give ourselves a break from the polluted city air.

India Bird Watching

There are several easy nature trails which one can partake in to enjoy the silence of the forest. One can surround oneself in the natural environs of butterflies, birds and other interesting creatures.

In a jungle, our lost natural instincts kick in. And we are able to be more aware of our surroundings while learning about the flora and fauna.

On a guided walk, one also learns about the smaller creatures and their uses. One gets to know the importance of indigenous plants and their traditional uses as medicine.

Other benefits of a Tiger safari holiday

  • Noise-free Environment: In a city our minds are constantly occupied with the white-nois. A venture into nature gives us the noise-free environment which provides much relief to the mind and body.

On a safari holiday, deep in the interiors, one notices the clear distinction between night and day as dusk brings an end to the light as people retire early to their homes.

Thus, these are our compelling reasons to plan a safari holiday as a great family vacation. We do hope you agree with them!

Wildlife Safari Tour

Safaris in India are an increasingly popular holiday choice and most of these are based around observing the Tiger in the wild. For many it is a life-changing experience to see such a gorgeous animal in its natural surroundings.

These wildlife excursions are indeed exciting, and no matter how many times one sees them, each glimpse of the Tiger keeps one coming back for more.

Tiger Safari India

There are various Safari Destinations in India, which are well-connected to other cities.  You may follow our blog to get an idea of a few National Parks where one has great chances of seeing the Tiger here.

While India is generally known for its cultural history and diversity, a trip to see the Natural Heritage of India is equally immersing and is definitely an unforgettable experience.

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Sharad Vats

Born and brought up in New Delhi, it was Sharad’s childhood passion to play cricket for India. While on a holiday in 1990, he saw his first tiger. Little did he know that this one sighting would immerse him into a realm where forests and tigers were all that mattered. Sharad’s experiences as a wildlife photographer have inspired him to observe the tiger’s behavior for over 30 years and motivated him on his own journey as an entrepreneur. He started Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd, with a focus on “Conservation through Tourism.” to align himself to the mission of saving the regal species and repopulating them in India’s forests. In 2006, he set up one of India’s premier jungle lodges in Kanha National Park. Sharad believes that there are many lessons to be learned from a tiger that can be applied successfully to leadership—both in business and in life. Here's a new book by Sharad Vats on management and leadership skills to learn from a Tiger. Buy now on Amazon