Can you imagine the chaos in a jungle if the tiger did not know where to hunt, how to hunt or how to survive, feed its cubs and teach its cubs how to do the same? Can you imagine the disorder if the Chital or the Barasingha did not know where to run and how fast to run to avoid getting shredded by the tiger? The entire ecosystem is disturbed if you don’t follow the rules of survival. I revolve my example around the tiger because just like us, he is the most superior animal in a jungle.

Not sure if you’ve heard about Munna, the oldest and biggest surviving tiger of Kanha National Park. He is sixteen years old, and the best version of himself. Fighting tigers half his age by dismissing them off with a single roar, or fighting a full on battle; he ensured everyone felt his presence as the real King of the jungle. Born with the word CAT written across his forehead, he is living up to his special gift. Ceasing the day and  enduring every clamor with a combat plan sharper than his canines, Munna sets the perfect example of survival of the fittest.

He fortunately passed his fierceness to his cubs (more on them later), who now rule different zones of Kanha National Park. While on safari in Kanha, beware of their presence, of their nonchalant attitude. Their presence is frightening, and will wreak every nerve in your body. That my dear friend is the art of survival. Coming out stronger than who you were when you first came in. Growing and educating generations ahead of you, leading by example. Sustainability. It is unfathomable, the power of education. Answer the “what”, “how”, “where” and most importantly “why” of sustainability and survival.


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Sharad Vats

Born and brought up in New Delhi, it was Sharad’s childhood passion to play cricket for India. While on a holiday in 1990, he saw his first tiger. Little did he know that this one sighting would immerse him into a realm where forests and tigers were all that mattered. Sharad’s experiences as a wildlife photographer have inspired him to observe the tiger’s behavior for over 30 years and motivated him on his own journey as an entrepreneur. He started Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd, with a focus on “Conservation through Tourism.” to align himself to the mission of saving the regal species and repopulating them in India’s forests. In 2006, he set up one of India’s premier jungle lodges in Kanha National Park. Sharad believes that there are many lessons to be learned from a tiger that can be applied successfully to leadership—both in business and in life. Here's a new book by Sharad Vats on management and leadership skills to learn from a Tiger. Buy now on Amazon