“A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods” – Rachel Carsen


The slow and steady drizzle started unannounced, like it always does here. Often the sky recedes too far into the background for us to clearly make out what colour it is, or whether there are clouds looming over the horizon. And sometimes thin rays of brilliant sunlight shoot through the foliage and bathe the grass in gold. That is the beauty of this place in the morning.

But on an overcast morning, when you know from the sense of calm that rumbles of thunder will be soon heard – that is beauty sunlight cannot compare with. There is nothing as quietly intoxicating as forest rainfall.

Tall trees soften the downpour of torrential rain. When just a drizzle begins, branches protect the not-so- romantic traveller. For all of us who do not look forward to this kind of protection, the drizzle is just the beginning of the party. Leaves dance, unknown flowers bob around and tiny squirrels scurry in search of a roof. Shakes things up for everyone on the scene in a pleasant, bumbling way.

Rain Dancing

Out in the meadows, rain takes on a different look. There are wide grasslands full of bushes and shrubs, and you can watch it wash away the valleys and memories of orange sunsets. Without the trees overhead, there is the magical feeling of abandoning yourself to the whims of nature.


No protective covering, no thin shield to keep it away. Moments like these keep the soul of a traveller alive with joy. Rain, with all its pleasance and gaiety, is a powerful game-changer in our world. It’s soft beauty cuts into stones and changes the face of mountains, over a period of time. Like any other element, it holds supreme power over humanity. Yet the visage of rain amidst trees and meadows is familiar. Almost like they belong to one big family.

It is perhaps commonplace to describe how a drizzle looks like in a meadow. Not the experience. Passing from the delightful mirth of the dancing leaves onto an open field of gently falling dewdrops is not a commonplace feeling. It never gets old.

It is not very often that jungle safari groups are visited by rain. When it happens, it is a rare occurrence that changes the way you look at life. Come witness the mesmerising beauty of Jungle through Jungle Safari.

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Sharad Vats

Born and brought up in New Delhi, it was Sharad’s childhood passion to play cricket for India. While on a holiday in 1990, he saw his first tiger. Little did he know that this one sighting would immerse him into a realm where forests and tigers were all that mattered. Sharad’s experiences as a wildlife photographer have inspired him to observe the tiger’s behavior for over 30 years and motivated him on his own journey as an entrepreneur. He started Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd, with a focus on “Conservation through Tourism.” to align himself to the mission of saving the regal species and repopulating them in India’s forests. In 2006, he set up one of India’s premier jungle lodges in Kanha National Park. Sharad believes that there are many lessons to be learned from a tiger that can be applied successfully to leadership—both in business and in life. Here's a new book by Sharad Vats on management and leadership skills to learn from a Tiger. Buy now on Amazon