Tadoba National Park

Bandhavgarh national park

The oldest protected forest of Maharashtra, Tadoba is a quaint little jungle with beautiful hilly terrains on its north and west side and the pristine, perennial Todoba Lake in the centre. It used to be a little known forest, occasionally visited by the few nature enthusiasts who wanted a wilderness experience off the beaten track. Quite recently tiger numbers and sightings shot up the roof and Tadoba National Park made its place among the biggest names in the tiger circuit.

Tadoba is a dry deciduous forest with mostly teak and bamboo trees, with some grasslands and mixed dry forests. This type of vegetation is responsible for better visibility throughout the forest and hence good game viewing, especially during the dry months. Some man-made water holes in this dry area act like magnets for wildlife in the hot months too.

The area of the national park is about 116 sq kms, with the total area of the reserve being 625 sq km. This is enough to sight much of the fascinating wildlife of the region. About 60-70 tigers live in this area. The tourism zone of the national park in divided into 3 zones: Kolsa, Mohuli and Tadoba.

Tadoba is contiguous with Andhari wildlife sanctuary, thus providing a larger area of protected land for wildlife. Besides tigers, there are good chances of viewing the sloth bear, leopard and wild dogs. Another special thing about Tadoba is that it is open throughout the year and the monsoon specials can be enjoyed here while most other parks are closed. Its close proximity to the city of Nagpur makes it easily approachable. With increasing popularity and tourism in Tadoba, the infrastructure and security facilities in Tadoba are better than ever before.

Visiting this hot spot takes you back to the past and expedites the process of your first tiger-viewing. Tadoba is simply a calm and perfect spot to vacation in, take your long-dreamt of safari and sight your first live tiger.

Area: 116 sq km of core forest
Co-ordinates: Latitude: 20° 4’ 53”- 20° 25’ 51” N, Longitude: 79° 13' 13” to 79° 33' 34”E.
Weekly off: Tuesday
Park Season: Open through out the year.
Closest airports: Nagpur (147 km)
Closest Railheads: Nagpur (147 km) and Chandrapur (45 km)