Kanha Tiger Reserve

Nestled in the eastern part of the Satpura mountain range, Kanha is not just a place to visit. It is to be lived, felt and enjoyed. It is the land of George Schaller's 'The Deer and The Tiger.'

Kanha is spectacular no matter when you visit it. Driving on tracks lined by tall Sal trees, the scene in front of your eyes occasionally changes into open meadows, bamboo-clad slopes or of dense mixed forest. A number of bubbly water holes and seasonal streams give the landscape a pictorial quality.

And by far the biggest thrill? The tiger can be anywhere for you to safely view it - walking boldly on the main track, stalking a deer in the meadow or stealthily walking through a dry stream bed.

Within an area of 940 sq km of core forest and 1009 sq km of buffer forest around it, Kanha has an estimated population of 50-60 adult tigers. This is a fairly healthy number since each tiger occupies quite a large territory. The tiger in Kanha co-exists with two other large predators- the leopard and the wild dogs which are an absolute treat to watch if sighted.

25% of the core area is open to tourists. This gives us a lot to view and explore. The tourism area consists of 4 major zones called Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi. On a typical day, you’d go out on a safari at sunrise with a picnic breakfast, come back to the lodge for lunch and a rest.

The park reopens in the afternoon for another safari adorned with the beauty of the forest during sunset. You return by dusk.

Kanha is also known for being a very well managed park. Its diligent forest officials ensure the park has a healthy tiger population.

The success story of the Barasingha is worth boasting about. The Barasingha (the 12-tined deer) or the swamp deer found in Kanha is of the “hard ground” subspecies and the only surviving population in the world.The numbers of this now-rare species had dropped to a mere 60 in the 1970s. They now stand at 500-strong. Every aspect of this highly-recommended park welcomes guests aboard for an excellent wilderness experience.

Area: 1940 sq km- 940 sq km of core forest and 1009 sq km of buffer forest
Co-ordinates: Latitude: 22° 7' to 22° 27'N; longitude: 80° 26' to 81° 3'E.
Weekly off: Wednesday
Park Season: From 15th Oct to 30th June
Closest airports: Jabalpur (203 km), Nagpur (290 km) and Raipur (213 km)
Closest Railheads: Gondia (110 km), Jabalpur (203 km), Nagpur (290 km), Raipur (213 km) and Bilaspur (182 km).